iEdit is a copy editing service for everything from notes to manuscripts, from fun stuff to the scholarly, including texts with Old Testament Hebrew, New Testament Greek, Latin, and French. Whatever you want edited, I promise thorough editing, timely turnover, and reasonable rates.

Simplified Fee Structure

iEdit amends inconsistencies in grammar, mechanics of language (punctuation, spelling, and such), usage, voice, diction, clarity of expression, prose style, style format, logic, syntax, and paragraph construction.

To do these things, iEdit offers a KISS fee structure.

What is a KISS fee structure, you say? Keep It Simple St....

I've kept it simple. Except for Manuscript Review, all prices are PER PAGE

Editing: $2 per page. 

Formatting copy to meet submission guidelines: $1 per page.

Résumé and cover letter (up to three pages): $55.

Copywriting, including research: $40 per page.

Rush jobs: Add 50% to the basic charge. Caveat: The nature of the work requested and my current workload will affect the return time.

Manuscript review comes with detailed feedback.

Payment for services is pre-paid via Google Checkout. Thank you for your business!

The Freelance World

I like to think that America was built on the backs of freelancers, people who were willing to take a chance on self-employment and work hard to succeed at whatever their venture might be. For some, it's opening an auto-body shop; for others, it's designing and making jewelry or fiber arts. For me, it is copyediting. 

Some might say that doing auto-body is not freelancing; I say it is. When you're not dependent on an employer for a sure living wage, fortnightly or monthly, and all the risks and rewards of the business are yours, you're not only self-employed, you're also freelancing. Maybe the job can be done in one place or wherever you happen to be. Wherever it's done, the stress and pleasure of being your own boss is yours to savor.

Sometimes, business is excruciatingly slow; then, you get out there and hustle new clients who are in need of a wordsmith. When business is booming, you rejoice because every word on every page that you read means that you are earning; you're holding your own. That's the world of the freelancer. That's what it took to build this country: people who took a chance and made it.

Software Skills

Apart from editing plain text documents, here are some of the software programs that I've used: Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat, InDesign, Quark, FileMaker, and PowerPoint. Whatever you want in terms of text editing and manipulation of the final product can be accomplished with ease. Of course, it will cost you.

iEdit: The Birth of a New Small Business

Following a link from Instapundit, I came across Rich Sloan's advocacy for a business in every home outlined in ten salient points. 

It took a little bit of mulling before I decided to do what I do best: copy editing.

The name of my business: iEdit. Not terribly original, but that's what I do. I edit texts. Any kind of text, any length.

The email: iCopyEditor at gmail dot com. I'm trying to avoid spam, you see. I'd wanted iEdit at gmail dot com, but Gmail wouldn't permit so short a user name. Ah, well.

I have 8 years of experience as a copy editor, and 14 years as an English teacher—college composition, grammar, and literature. In addition, I have a background in OT Hebrew, NT Greek, Latin, Spanish, French. Thus, I can read and edit text that contains any of these languages. In editing, I look at diction, grammar, syntax, and internal logic and make changes without altering the sense of the text.

So, if you have a manuscript, scholarly or otherwise, a magazine or journal, or even a paper that you want spiffed up before submitting, contact me. Send me either hard copy or a text file, and I'll return your material to you in a mutually agreeable format.

I promise reasonable rates and a quick turnover.